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Porn wrecked my marriage

When I first met my wife, I was battling a porn addiction. I decided not to tell her about it, but now I wish that I would have done so. It has really left me not feeling to good about myself and in the end it did wreck my marriage. At the time that we met, I was seriously addicted to dating London escorts, but London escorts were not my only addiction. I loved porn movies as well and could spend hours watching porn online, it was just really crazy.

Anyway, I did fall in love with my wife and I wanted to handle my porn addiction. Behind her back, I started to see a counsellor and it was going great, Within a couple of months I gave up on dating London escorts and I was well on my way of giving up the porn movies as well. The problem with the porn movies was that they were easier to get hold of than London escorts. After all, I had to travel to see the girls but I could get porn on my phone.

Staying away from London escorts was not such a battle at first. My wife was really sexy and we had a great time in bed. I had just as much fun with my wife as I had enjoyed with many of the girls that I used to date at London escorts services. It was a little bit like it was enough for me, and I could handle the situation. But, I will admit that at the time I still sneaked off to watch porn movies. If my new wife would have known about that, I am sure that she would not have been too happy about it.

It was the porn movies that did for me in the end. I was watching this new porn movie when I recognized one of the actresses in the movie. Moving closer to the screen, I soon realized that I used to date her at London escorts. She was one of the sexiest girls that I had ever dating at the agency and I felt myself aching for her. Without thinking, I checked the outcall escorts service out online. Sure enough, she was still working for the same agency. It would cost me a small fortune to meet up with her but I knew that I had to see her as soon as possible.

My wife and I had just arranged a joint bank account. It was something that she had insisted on and I had not objected at all. She was a lot better with money than I was and I have was happy to let her control the finances. My debit card was linked to the account, a small fact which I had overlooked. That month, when the bank statement came through the door, my wife noticed that I had spent some money that she did not know about. Naturally, I had to explain but I am not very good at telling untruths. I ended up telling her about my London escorts adventure and that was the end of my marriage.

The Effects Of Pornography

Pornography often gets blamed for social problems such as encouraging the objectification of women. Other people think it’s a harmless and completely normal aspect of life. Essentially pornography can encourage people to explore their fantasies and pick up a few tips. If someone overindulges in pornography however they can become disinterested in having sex with a real life partner and this can create many problems.

Pornography, just like fantasies, presents an exaggeration of reality. This is obvious from the physical appearance of the porn stars and the sexual scenarios in which they find themselves. When someone watches porn by themselves they indulge in this fantasy for the purposes of masturbation.

On the positive side this can bring someone to an understanding of what things they find interesting and exciting and might like to try. This is really important when it comes to having sex with a partner because the person knows what they like and can hopefully express that. This must be balanced however with finding out what their partner likes and dislikes and taking that into account. Otherwise the person risks being seen as selfish and bad in bed.

When someone relies on pornography for their whole sex life meaning rather than sex with a partner or using their own imagination they can become disinterested in real sex. The exaggerated sexuality of pornography will not be present in the real life sexual situations. Problems could occur with not finding their partner attractive, not having realistic expectations and not being able to respond to what their partner wants from sex.

Essentially watching porn too much can make someone desensitised to sex and this means that when it comes to the bedroom and a real partner they are not going to enjoy the experience.

The other concern with relying on pornography for all sexual needs is that it narrows the range of things someone finds sexy. The more things you get turned on by the easier it is to turn you on. If someone likes one scenario then they will become an unappealing sexual partner in reality. Everything will have to be about providing one very narrow requirement to them and they will be disinterested in things their partner is suggesting. Having a favorite fantasy is not a problem, having one fantasy is definitely a problem.

Watching porn can be harmless fun or an exploration of personal sexuality but a reliance can cause someone to be closed off to a partner and even their own sexuality. In order to avoid any negative effects from pornography it should be a part of someone’s sexual life and never the majority or the whole of it.

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