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The best way to Book a date in London


Are you sitting bored at home in London staring at the telly? A lot of gents are writing into the Better Sex Guide from London asking us how they can arrange date with London escorts. There are quite a few London escorts agencies available, and arranging dates is easy. However, if you are new to dating escorts in can be tough to take that first step, and our resident sex expert would like to give you some advice.

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First of all, London is an excellent place to date escorts as the ladies are very sexy and you will find the rates a lot more reasonable than central London. Some of the hourly rates in central London can be several hundreds of pounds, and this makes dating out of reach for many gents. However, as the rates are much better in London, many agencies are getting really busy and London is starting to enjoy an exciting dating scene.


How to date hot and sexy escorts in London


London never used to have a very active dating scene, but it is now seeing some very interesting elite escorts agencies opening up. A lot of the focus seems to be on elite agencies, and it is said that there are many elite London escorts available. The fact is that a lot of ladies who used to work in central London have moved out to London. It is cheaper to set up a boudoir and the overheads are lower as well.


Dating in London is very easy indeed. Most of the London escorts agencies have very good web sites. Once you find a site that relates to London, all you need to do is to decide if you fancy dating a blonde or a brunette. There is an excellent choice available, and you will also find that many petite an plus size ladies date in London as well.


Now you have a choice. If you are comfortable using the Internet, you can go ahead and make your personal arrangements by email. Don’t forget to specify if you would like an incall or an outcall. Normally there is an extra cost associated with an outcall as the girl needs to pay for transport.


If you are not comfortable arranging a date over the Internet, you can go ahead and give the agency a call. You will find that many of the London escorts agencies have excellent front desk staff, and the girls will be able to talk you through your options. They will be able to describe the girl giving you personal and necessary information such as bust size, hair color and her speciality. Most agencies have a good selection of London ladies available at all times, and you will find it easy to make your choice. Always decide on the basics first of all such as hair color and bust size, and the rest will follow naturally.


One thing is for sure, once you have started to date in London you will want to visit and see your favorite hot London babes time and time again.

3 things that turn me off

I have been with Angel escorts of for about a year now. At first I was not sure that escorting was going to be for me, but I have certainly found that I enjoy it. Most of the time I enjoy the company of all of the gents that I meet, but I must admit that I have a met a couple of gents that I have been less found of when it comes to dating. The great thing about working for an escort company is that you are not really obliged to see a man that turns you off.
Normally, I am a very accepting person, but there are a few things that seriously turn me off. First of all, I am really turned off my dirty socks. Why do guys think that it is okay to wear dirty socks to a date? That is not true at all, and I hate men who wear dirty socks. These days, I would have thought that most gents knew how to use a washing machine, and how important it is to look after personal hygiene standards, but it appears not.
I know that we are all busy these days, but I don’t agree with eating a fast food meal and heading straight for the girls at Angel escorts. The other day this gent came through the door, and he just smelled of fast food. One of the first things he did was to burp, and say that the burgers laid on his stomach a bit heavily. That was really not very nice at all, and I must admit that I was put off by that. I am sure that most Angel escorts would find that off putting.
Another thing that gents do that turn me off is to complain about parking meters. As we all know, London is packed with parking meters and it is virtually impossible to find free parking anywhere. The girls here at Angel escorts are all complaining about the fact that gents don’t seem to have enough money to put in those parking meters. I can understand that and it is totally off putting when gents have to rush off to attend to that meter. I don’t know what is going on with people these days.
Like I say to my friends at Angel escorts, all jobs have their down sides. I like working here at Angel escorts but there are some things that turn me off or put me off. So, if you are going to come to see your favorite girl at Angel escorts services, you should perhaps remember to wear clean socks, not eat a fast food meal and bring enough money for the parking meter. I know that none of us are perfect, but sometimes we need to think a head. You will probably find that you will enjoy your date with your new friend from the escort agency if you at least had enough money for the parking meter. Sometimes we have to think that things in life are somehow very exciting.

London escorts on sexy trends



Is there such a thing as sexy trends? I have been with London escorts for a while now, and I am beginning to think that there is such a thing as sexual trends. At the moment, it seems to be all into talk about being lesbian and coming out as lesbian. I am not so sure that all of the famous people who are coming out as lesbians are actually lesbian. They just want to make some money out of it or get their photos in the paper. I refuse to believe that all of these B list or C list celebs are actually gay or lesbian.


Recently I started to date this one guy at London escorts from He told me that his marriage had broken up because his wife had found that she was bisexual. I asked how it happened and he told me that she found that she enjoyed kissing women. She dropped this little bomb shell on him when he came back from a business trip and asked for a divorce if he would not let her have female lovers. Well, my date was concerned about his kids and what they would think so he said no. I can certainly understand his point of view.


Now a couple of months later, my date at London escorts says that his wife would like to get remarried. She has found that she is not bisexual at all and needs her husband back in her life on a full time basis. I honestly thought that he would say year first of all, but in the end he did actually say no. He was worried that he might end up on an emotional roller coaster. I am sure that his kids miss him, but at the same time, I think that he has done the right thing.


Why should we play around with our sexuality? If we are sexually challenged, I believe that it will show up much earlier. Most of the girls here at London escorts who are sexually challenged in some realized that they were so a long time ago. It did not just happen overnight at all. You are either born that way, or you discover that you are different when you are younger. All of this stuff that you discover your true sexuality when you are older is a load of rubbish I think.


Is it in to date lesbian and bisexual escorts here at London escorts? In recent months I have noticed that the girls who claim to be bisexual or lesbian are getting a lot more dates. It seems that a lot of gents would like to meet up with them because they like to experience something different. Duo dating and escorts for couples are now two of our most popular services at the agency. I am sure that if you are challenged in any particular way, you can find exactly what you need here at London escort services. All you need to do is to give us a call, and we will let you know how we can tailor our services to your personal needs.


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Would you like to make my dreams come true?

I am looking for a gent who would like to help me to make my dreams come true. Although I have really enjoyed my career with Croydon escorts, I feel that it is about time that I moved on. I have been with the escort agency in Croydon for about five years now, and I really think that it is about time that I moved on and did something different. Most of the girls are happy here. I am happy as well, but I would just like to do something new and try different things.

croydon escorts are hot enough

The first thing that I would like to do is to go on a long cruise. I have always fancied going on a cruise and visit some really exotic places around the world. Over the last couple of months, I have been saving my money and I now have a lot of money put away. Yes, I could spend them on something here in Croydon but it would just make me think of Croydon escorts. To be honest, I would like to think about something else as crazy as it may seem.

After I have been on my world cruise, I would like to go and live in Hawaii for a couple of months. Before I joined Croydon escorts, I used to do a little bit of bikini modelling and Hawaii was one of the places that we went to when we modelled. I loved it and it would be good to go back there and spend a little bit more time. If you like, you can say that Hawaii found its way into my heart and has sort of become stuck there.

Once I have spent some time in Hawaii, I would like to travel in Canada. My granddad came form Canada and I have never been. I once tried to go on a vacation from Croydon escorts, but I did have enough time. Now I feel that I would like to go to spend a little bit longer in Canada. It looks like a beautiful place and I have also got some family there. Perhaps I will meet a nice guy and settle in Canada, you never know.

Although I am determined to leave Croydon escorts and start the next part of my life, I would rather not do it on my own. So far I have not said anything to any of the gents that I have met at the escort agency. I know that a couple of them are thinking about leaving work or selling their businesses. Perhaps they would be the ideal guys to come with me on my journey. It would just be so super exciting and I would love to have a sexy travel companion. There is so much to see in this world, but seeing it alone is not the same thing as experiencing it with someone. If you would like to go travelling with a hot sexy blonde, all you need to do is to look me up.