The best way to Book a date in London


Are you sitting bored at home in London staring at the telly? A lot of gents are writing into the Better Sex Guide from London asking us how they can arrange date with London escorts. There are quite a few London escorts agencies available, and arranging dates is easy. However, if you are new to dating escorts in can be tough to take that first step, and our resident sex expert would like to give you some advice.

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First of all, London is an excellent place to date escorts as the ladies are very sexy and you will find the rates a lot more reasonable than central London. Some of the hourly rates in central London can be several hundreds of pounds, and this makes dating out of reach for many gents. However, as the rates are much better in London, many agencies are getting really busy and London is starting to enjoy an exciting dating scene.


How to date hot and sexy escorts in London


London never used to have a very active dating scene, but it is now seeing some very interesting elite escorts agencies opening up. A lot of the focus seems to be on elite agencies, and it is said that there are many elite London escorts available. The fact is that a lot of ladies who used to work in central London have moved out to London. It is cheaper to set up a boudoir and the overheads are lower as well.


Dating in London is very easy indeed. Most of the London escorts agencies have very good web sites. Once you find a site that relates to London, all you need to do is to decide if you fancy dating a blonde or a brunette. There is an excellent choice available, and you will also find that many petite an plus size ladies date in London as well.


Now you have a choice. If you are comfortable using the Internet, you can go ahead and make your personal arrangements by email. Don’t forget to specify if you would like an incall or an outcall. Normally there is an extra cost associated with an outcall as the girl needs to pay for transport.


If you are not comfortable arranging a date over the Internet, you can go ahead and give the agency a call. You will find that many of the London escorts agencies have excellent front desk staff, and the girls will be able to talk you through your options. They will be able to describe the girl giving you personal and necessary information such as bust size, hair color and her speciality. Most agencies have a good selection of London ladies available at all times, and you will find it easy to make your choice. Always decide on the basics first of all such as hair color and bust size, and the rest will follow naturally.


One thing is for sure, once you have started to date in London you will want to visit and see your favorite hot London babes time and time again.

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